Fiona 1, Libby 0

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

First, Fiona is our cat and Libby is the dog.  We’re still getting to know Fiona as the year goes on, since she’s an adult cat I adopted around last Halloween.  But if you read the last post, Spring brings us moths the size of eagles and I was hoping this would awaken the hunter in Fiona.  Thankfully, I am happy to announce it has!  She even jumps up to catch them, then in 2 bites they’re gone!  I couldn’t ask for more from her right now! 

Now Libby is our dearly beloved dog (1/2 yellow lab, 1/2 Rhodesian Ridgeback, we think).  I adopted her in 2006 several months before I met my husband.  She is certainly the hunter and used to have a sweet tooth for squirrels.  She used to catch them pretty regularly at our other house, not so much at this one.  She even let a bunny continue to eat its grass breakfast this morning!  Unless of course, she’s actually gotten smarter and knows she won’t outrun them anyway…. who knows?  At least I didn’t have to pick up a bunny carcass this morning.  I’m not sure if the bunny has seen the raised garden beds yet, but I’m sure it would rather be eating lettuce than grass.  Now that we’ve gotten some cooler weather, the lettuce we planted is finally not so droopy. 

Which brings me to another topic… our garden.  Our thoughts about the garden is that this year will be a “plant & see” year.  We have no idea what plants will like the soil we’ve added, or the full sun in that part of the yard (even if their tag shows, “Full Sun”), or children poking around them the entire time.  We have tried to plant those that will have some height to them as they grow towards the back, and the smaller vine plants as southernmost as possible so their sun isn’t obstructed.  So far the peppers have stayed strong, the broccoli seems content, the watermelon is struggling, the lettuce seems happy for today (it’s overcast outside), and the flowers… well, we can’t please them all… some droop when it’s cloudy, some droop when it’s sunny.  This is really our first garden so hopefully it will get better with each growing season.  Some days I’m just as impatient as the kids though… “It’s been 2 weeks!  Why aren’t there any strawberries!”  The entire garden was planted with plants that had started in the nursery, just to be on the safe side.  We would love to get to a point where we could plant by seed some day.  Since we don’t have green thumbs we might be dreaming, but I would have to think this would bring down the cost of actually planting a garden.  Like I said, it’s all new to me, but we’re not the type of people to aim small.  Someday I may even start that composting I’ve wanted to do.  One outdoor project at a time though is all I can handle!


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